Gambling Heroics

This is an old piece of writing I dug up recently – I’ve been focusing on other projects recently so TirePleb has taken a backseat but it is okay – things are coming.

I understand addiction pretty well. Since becoming twenty-three, a weird age with hidden definitions, new rules and the anxiety of making it through the next decade. I have become addicted to many things, very basic
build’n’buy games like Cookie Clicker, I played for three months then had to delete everything I had on it to
stop playing.
Now with my new technology I can enjoy Freemium games and one such as cookie clicker has taken up a lot of valuable time. That being a game called: Tap titans – It’s free to play (or f2p if you know your shit) and is agame on android and the like. Following the simple and basic principles of incremental value gaming, packaged in its very own way:

1. Tap the screen to damage an enemy, defeating one gets you gold and moves you along a chain of fights
until you reach a time-attack style boss.
2. Get gold to level up your character or hire Non-playable-characters to add to the Damage per
second rate.
3. Keep using earned gold from battles to increase the power of your team and gain all kinds of
bonuses and stat boosts.
4. The game keeps you locked to balls with fairy’s who drop valuable amounts of gold, precious
diamonds sometimes for free, or sometimes, you have to watch….AN ADVERT, usually for another
Freemium game.
5. Progress, progress, become stronger and advance through the stages. Then AND ONLY THEN you
can PRESTIGE. At level 600.
6. YOU ARE PRESTIGED! Upon this you reset the game to the start and receive a relic(s) in order to
unlock artefacts which can be bought and levelled up; these artefacts boost a lot of base stats and
therefore you are stronger and able to dispatch enemies quicker.
7. Get quicker, therefore stronger, my first prestige allowed me to clear 100 levels in a matter of a few hours as opposed to a day and a bit.
8. Don’t stop prestigin’! The numbers get bigger the enemies get tougher, I spend more gold. I tap the screen more and I tap it fast.

This is one of my addictions, these games and generally video games are major time grabbers. The in terms ofdrinking, I did have a problem at one point, almost 8 bottles of wine a week, red, plus everything else.
I’m neither proud nor ashamed. The drugs I feel a slight shame for as they really were my weakness. I could
say no to a cigarette at times, no to a drink. But to a line? A trip? A Vallium? Experimental research chemicalsordered to my front door? Why the fuck not. Consume and then I can begin to regret deeply.
These days I‘m able to resist them a little bit. I’m better at resisting, I just have to remove myself from the
situation. But what say the situation is a pub? Then I will spend more on fruit machines than booze.
Alcohol doesn’t help depressives. Neither do drugs, apart from some drugs. Even prescription drugs turn people into addicts.

But Gambling, it’s a different kind of addiction. There are actual benefits! Right guys?

Well there is a chance of there being benefits. Gambling is an interesting one for me. I’ve had little flutters here and there, but it wasn’t until I got to University that my luck changed.
I was winning scratch cards, cheap one pound scratchies and turning them into two, going back to the counter, getting another and winning some more. My biggest lap streak was four or five cards. All one pound buys, one a quid here, a couple there and a fiver eventually. I was up a few quid, but that is lucky!
Last year, in my second year of university we decided to go to the casino in Bournemouth, Gentins. We went one night for a laugh with twenty quid and had a laugh, a friend Craig made some good money at the
Black Jack table and a few friends were kicked out. We were smashed. I left empty handed.
We decided to go again, the very next day. Fifty pound maximums were put on. The rules were set, but my
head was in the game. Roulette was where I wanted to be, so that’s where I headed. But first, to the computer game ones. For fun, they had these membership cards that digitally store your winnings on these machines so I was enticed to have a go.
Twenty pound straight in, went up forty. Got carried away and lost it all.
Fuck it though I still have thirty, I wanted to enter the lion’s den. Roulette, a game of genuine chance and I believe some skill and intuition. Knowing how to spread a board is important to minimise loss and maximise
profit. To explain it would take me forever, but what happened is more important.

I placed my thirty cash on the table asking for change, my friend comes over to talk to me.
“Seriously, fucking roullette?” Was the gist, I turn back to see no chips my money gone and the ball rolling the next round. I asked the chip dealer what had happened? She claimed I had made a bet, which I disputed that absolutely had not. I couldn’t believe it, my one chance accidently lost.
I ask them to check the cameras and table microphones to prove I hadn`t. They found no evidence of a bet
with my money back received. in their words ‘As a gesture of good will’ or basically `fucking banged to rights’.
So here I am, thirty back in, I start playing around with one pound bets, I start going up pretty quickly, the rushof the streak begins. In no time I’m up one hundred pounds, to many of my friends’ disbelief. Eventually I was on around Three-hundred and fifty within a couple of hours. The staff could not believe it. Neither could I.
I decided I would take a break, it was nearing 3am and I was hungry and thirsty, so I went and asked what
food is available. Sandwiches, kitchen closes at 11pm. Never mind, I will have that and a beer.
`Where are you? We can bring it to you’. But of course she would say that! Stay at the tables and enjoy your
gambling. Perfect. So when she arrived I went for cash, “no no you can pay with chips”.
Of course how naive of me! Then in a sudden rush of something powerfully positive and daring, I ask if she
could just keep bringing them round, and she did. I had a stool separate for beer and food winnings.
Which never had an empty glass or chips to pay for it all night.

A long story short, I was 007, James the Bond of all Bonds, by 6am I had made six-hundred and forty-five
pounds. I could hardly believe it. I could not believe it at all. I had to keep recounting the money to check it
was there. Thirty nearly lost, to all that. I was a very happy man.
A few months down the line, I manage to jackpot a fruit machine with two quid and literally two spins,
winning seventy pounds.
Again another few months down, another jackpot, more scratch cards, more wins.
Then a very good streak came along in January 2015. I won forty on a two pounder, then a few days later same again. A week later, same again, a week later twenty. I was up through the roof.
I hadn’t had real work for weeks, it kept me alive and warm with a tummy full of goodness and a brain full of


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