Commuting in Verse #2


I got paid last night and more than half of it is gone. This is life. I bought, new shoes, new board, new hat. And I’m on my way to harrow. On the hill to buy underwear, socks. Big socks. A book or two. I bought a month of bus travel.

This is good, it feels like something new. My first full-time full-month full-wage full-wallet in a long time;


Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy underwear, and happy balls make happy men. And not worrying about travel and my balls makes me worry less. So long as I can skate smoke eat and get to work, it will be okay. Conquering those black hole problems finally.

Which is ok with me.

I’ll take a val, burn one and go shopping now.



I’m riding the new 114 bus.
Mill Hill Broadway,

The route is ancient ,and long,
the bus is new. It’s clean,
to the point there are,
burn craters in the backs
of the seats.
Phone numbers,
for gay sex.

The engine is so smooth.
It  barely rumbles
sits silently at standstill.

Smell of piss and
An extra window by the stairs.
Spacious seating.


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