The Lactose Dairies #3 – Its been a while Edition

Lactose Dairies 3

 Fri 12/08/16

Inbox; Sent Items

Well that was the longest period of non-blogging I’ve done.

Habits are easy to pick up and routines are difficult to maintain; but things seem to be back online. Whilst the writing has continued in different ways with a new project on the go, blogging had to take a back seat, well, it didn’t have to it just did.

There’s no need to force the blogging if nothing is there, granted there is plenty of poop recordings to last for every remaining week of the year; it can be said, with no pun intended, that a constant stream of my shit would be a waste of everyone’s time. Because we’d run out before 2017!!

But if I space them out as much as I’ve spaced out the more recent posts, then we have years of joy to come.

Now I sit here typing this into an email that I will send myself, I sit here typing at my desk, at a new job that is now officially three weeks old. It’s a good job, it doesn’t pay well but the work is menial and satisfying. With a grand total of 4+ hours of commuting every day. (to and fro) .

Which in turn means LOTS of reading – I finished Frank Herbert’s Sci-Fi masterpiece: ‘Dune’, this very morning. A privilege to read and what I must say is that if you are a fan of fiction, go stick your dick in it. OR stick it up your pussy. Or arsehole. It will feel good, go on. Treat yourself.

Whilst that was a good read, I’m moving on to a book by two blokes whose names I can’t be bothered to type. The book is called ‘The last word on Frank Sinatra’. So this should be good, I may start writing slightly comprehensive reviews. (Who am I kidding?). I’m also reading the Godfather and ‘War All the Time’ – A Bukowski book.

Perhaps the ‘break’ I’ve taken from this ‘blog’ on the ‘internet’ has been ‘good’…Who cares?

Working has rekindled an old energy, that was forgotten and wasted. Whilst days feel like life times – they are very long (up at 6am, home by 7pm or later…), the work ethic is relaxed – we fuck around in the office, so much freedom, shit talking with everyone, or bants, you cunts love that word.

We play street fighter and Castlevania: SOTN at the moment on and off lunch which is a complete blessing.

So there is the trade off, shit pay , shit fucking gay fucking early suicidal mornings. BUT I’m earning, learning, reading, writing and playing video games.

Things are looking up for the first time in a very long time. (again, of course until they go back down)

My first pay day was a pretty small one, only half a months wages and I got taxed incorrectly so that was a fair dent to my hungry pockets.

I paid my mum some rent, I paid off a small overdraft, bought a new deck (skateboard), bought new trainers to replace the fucked full of holes pair I had before them, bought a couple of comics, bought some Magic the Gathering booster packs (Yes , it is a fantastic fucking game oh fuck me), paid some debts, bought a couple of bags of weed, put money on my travel expenses for the month and BOOOOOOM ITS ALL GONE.

Gone, gone, gone, gone, gone. I’ve got about a tenner or so for extra bits. Feels really bad man but HEY-HO I’ve been poorer and with only three weeks left until a lovely big pay day – I’m content with such a thing.

Well, until next time I guess – please do enjoy this third instalment of the LACTOSE DAIRIES!



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