Fit for Work

I couldn’t physically bring myself to start writing a cover letter for a job I really want. It’s taken me nearly three weeks just to finalise my CV. Such bollocks. To waste so much time then to waste even more. Still, not that I mind though. I do mind. I just don’t mind right now, there are five days until the application deadline whatever.

I should get it done though.

My left wrist is fractured in two places and obviously the job I’m applying for has something do with writing. This has not inhibited my ability to write in any sense (the sense being that I can still type so fuck off) but does sway me in the sense that if I get an interview, I’ll stroll in, likely high as a kite unshaven with a black cast on and explain to them just how fit for the position and how little risk they are taking with a new employee who will require days off to attend hospital appointments.

They’ll tell me to piss off for wasting their time.

It’ll all make sense once I finish the application.


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